Diabetes prevented by eating mice!

cat with mouse

I am writing this with great humility and will be asking for forgiveness.  So many times, I walk through the grocery store looking at a persons shopping cart and shake my head. I think to myself, how stupid and ridiculous it is spending money on worthless, toxic food items. Don’t they realize what they are doing to themselves? Don’t they realize they are changing how their body functions and causing their own diseases? Don’t they realize these simple weekly decisions can be life threatening long term?junk foordimages




Well after yesterday, I can honestly answer, no not always. Sometimes we shop, and innocently select items we think are healthy. On the other hand, we can talk ourselves into certain choices because they are “Cheaper”.  I am terribly embarrassed to admit the errors of my way. For those of you receiving my Premium Coaching, you have learned a great deal about me personally. Many of you are aware I live on a ranch in Kansas.  Living on a ranch, means we have horses. Horses require a barn. A barn require BARN CATS and I have two, Ritzy and Chuck. Chuck is the typical  ordinary, short haired, yellow barn cat but with a great personality. Chuck has served us well for many years with no health problems; that is until now. Almost overnight, I realized Chuck had dropped a lot of weight. He was lethargic, dull and hugging his water bowl constantly. It is good to have a friend who is also your vet because they will make house calls. So last night, she diagnosed Chuck as being severely diabetic. I am a Health Coach, I  run a healthy household. How can I have a “DIABETIC”?  After the shock of receiving the news, we discussed options. catEven though a “Barn Cat”, Chuck is a member of our family who has served us well. I agreed to treat his disease, which means a big commitment. Insulin injections twice a day while climbing to the top the barn rafters to make that happen. Chuck lives safely high above the reach of my two dogs.  Thinking about the injections does not seem like the worse part. Through all of this, I discovered I CAUSED THE DIABETES! For years I had been feeding Chuck the dry, cheaper but tasty cat food. I learned the dry food is filled with way too many CARBS. Tasty carbs, but lots of them.  Just like the pop in pizzas, processed foods, chips, donuts,etc, etc that I have been scrutinizing in the shopping carts of stupid people in the grocery store. I too was stupid. I guess to my defense, I was ignorant of the dangers.

I learned last night that a cat is an “obligate carnivore.” That means the physiology and anatomy of the cat is suited to eating a high protein, meat diet. Dry food just cannot meet this requirement. This is why cats eating mice in the wild probably do not develop diabetes. Did you know that there are only 30 kcal per mouse and it is mostly protein and water.  After becoming educated and aware of the hazards of feeding the wrong food, I am planning a whole new diet for Chuck. No, I am not planning to go catch mice. I am going shopping for  canned, low carb, high protein, quality cat food.

I can’t believe as a Health Coach I was so stupid about feeding my cat. Unfortunately I was like so many other people, continuing unhealthy choices until something bad happens. Prevention is so much better than dealing with the consequences of those choices. As I am doing insulin injections on poor Chuck, I will continue to think of ways I can help others be more proactive.  A diabetic cat might not be a mute problem for some, but becoming diabetic yourself or someone you love is always serious. Don’t be uneducated. Diabetes is preventable and curable!  Yes, once a diabetic, not always diabetic. I was a little surprised when my vet  told me with managed dietary control, Chuck might be able to stop insulin injections one day. Why should I have been surprised? This is exactly what I help clients do daily. I help empower them with knowledge to make changes so they too can become NON-TYPE  II DIABETICS. Helping them learn how to make long term healthy choices, diabetes can be prevented and cured.  I have personally helped many clients eliminate their diabetic meds or insulin.  I know it works for people, I will let you know how it works for Chuck.cat and mourses

With humility,


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