Hello mice. Good bye insulin

I am absolutely truly amazed to witness the healing powers of food. It is one thing to read about the facts of good nutrition.  When you physically observe transformations right before your eyes, it resonates deep in your soul.  That is exactly what has happened to me this month. I shared on May 3 rd the tragic diagnosis of diabetes in my cat, Chuck. This terrible disease was cause by my ignorance on proper nutrition for my devoted barn partner and keeper of the mice. Well, the only thing he was keeping now was just an eye on watching them. He had no energy to hunt, let alone pounce on a mouse within 5 feet. I had been feeding cheap, dry cat food which is the equivalent to cheap processed foods like chips, frozen pizzas, candy bars, pop, donuts, granola bars, breakfast cereals,etc, ………….you get the picture. Like so many individuals, I did not notice the damage that was slowly being caused, until one day, the cumulative effects smashed me in the face. My poor cat could hardly move around, weight loss was now apparent after losing the winter coat and he was glued to his water bowl.

Unfortunately the disease had progressed to the point I had to start insulin injections twice day. Talk about a hassle! I switched him to canned cat food which is higher in protein and meets the feline nutritional needs. So for the entire month, I have completely changed his program. Just like disease which can destroy us over time, improving health can sometimes be slow; or so I thought. Last week I went down to the barn to feed and inject Chuck. He was no where to be found. He had not left the barn in many months, so you can understand my concern. I called and called. I looked in all the nooks and crannies, Sheepishly I looked under things,behind equipment and in the rafters expecting to find a dead body. You can imagine my surprise when I saw Chuck come “running” into the barn like a cheetah celebrating his productive hunt. cheetahimagesMy mouse hunting cat was BACK! The best news yet is that my vet thinks his pancreas will start functioning again properly. If so,  the insulin injections will be a thing of the past.

Hello mice, good bye insulin.

The moral of this story is simple.

  • Disease can creep on slowly without you noticing until it knocks you off your feet.
  • Creating health or reversing the damage can be quick if you don’t wait too long.

The body is a remarkable and resilient entity. We were created to be healthy. We just need to do our part to keep the body functioning the way it was designed.

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