Leading Cause of Death

Are you a victim of medical ignorance? A great misconception is how people die. If I asked what is the leading cause of death, how would you answer? Do you believe it is heart disease, cancer, stroke or diabetes? No, these diseases are not the leading cause of death! Instead, the number one cause of death in the US and worldwide is medical ignorance! This fact is demonstrated when we look at the ignorance in developing countries.


In parts of Africa, for example, AIDS is not considered to be a viral disease.1 They believe one contracts AIDS by “thinking” they may contract AIDS. Many of them engage in dangerous sex practice and intentionally pretend there is no such thing as HIV-AIDS. As a result, the spread of HIV infection is at epidemic proportions in Africa. 2,3

New viral diseases keep originating in China due to bad sanitary conditions. Some rural Chinese farmers live under the same roof as their livestock. Many apartments constructed during the communist regime have improperly installed plumbing. Toilets from some upstairs tenants end up in the lower tenants kitchen sinks. More that 1.8 million humans die annually from water-borne bacterial diarrhea including cholera.4 The cholera bacterium is not the enemy. Ignorance about the dangers of drinking contaminated water is the preventable culprit. 4,5,6


ostrch manindexMedical ignorance also effects the Western World in spite of our “modern advances and resources”. For example, if someone dies from cardiovascular disease caused by high blood pressure, the cause of death is NOT heart disease or hypertension. The cause is medical ignorance regarding the importance of low blood pressure. This knowledge is revealed when we study centenarians. One common characteristics of the oldest and healthiest people in the world is their low blood pressure. The New England Centenarian Study  revealed systolic blood pressures no higher than 110 and diastolic pressures lower than 80. What is your daily blood pressure, with or without medication? The lack of knowledge or medical ignorance regarding low blood pressure is no different than the ignorance of HIV, Aids or drinking contaminated water. We must take personal responsibility for our health.


I can’t think of anything more important than health, can you?  In fact, OUR LIFE depends on it! Poor health effects our work, play, family and entire existence on this wonderful earth.  Your personal physician plays a role in overall health, but ultimately, your knowledge and actions make the biggest impact. It is my goal to take full responsibility for my personal health and to help anyone who desires to do the same. I invite you to sign up for my Coaching Newsletter.  The weekly newsletter discusses ways we can achieve better health and details regarding the group of oldest and healthiest people in the world. You also will receive my eBook, Mastering the Skills, Actions and Concepts to Living Beyond 80







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