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If you think I have been gone, you are sort of right. I have been on a one year journey of scientific research, education and personal experimentation. But I am back and ready to share my new discoveries. I truly feel there are others like myself, interested in improving individual health and weight goals using natural, whole foods.  But, what if I am wrong? What if everyone just wants a fast fix? What if everyone has lost hope in getting healthy?

My passion to create and maintain a healthy body and mind in a natural way is so strong. My mission to help others is even stronger. I am finally being successful eating totally “real food”, knowing where to shop for the best prices and quality. I am achieving success with cooking in a new way, never being hungry, losing a little weight and feeling great!  I just have to find a way to share this information! How can I help others protect themselves against so many diseases?

I can offer cooking classes.

I do not want the class to be:

  • focused on quick weight loss, even though you may lose excess weight.
  • overloading a person with a bunch of scientific data.
  • selling products, supplements or books.
  • just giving out a bunch of recipes.

I want the class to provide:

  • Learning how to shop, cook, and eat products with healthy ingredients.
  • Education on ways to create good health though natural and organic foods.
  • Recommendations for selecting and successful use of healthy products and cooking ingredients.
  • Educational handouts, cooking demonstrations, fun hands-on experiences, sampling of healthy foods and products.

    “The Healthy Shop, Cook and Eat Way”  is born.

14 future healthy chefs attended the first class titled “Breakfast of Champions”.


A smart man can not disagree with two women!

You should have seen the surprise on this chefs face when asked to add a handful of spinach to the strawberry smoothie he was making.


This brave man enjoyed every drop of his healthy smoothie.

Class participates discovered that adding spinach which has a non detectable taste, is a great way to work in some greens!



Almond flour

These future healthy chefs were learning the difference between almond flour and almond meal?

Almond flour buns

Speaking of buns, I am wondering, how many chefs does it take to check a bun in the oven?

Do you miss having bread on a gluten free diet? I sure did and all of the recipes I had tried in the past were dry, crumbly or heavy. Finally I came up with a success. One that is light but sturdy enough for sandwiches, toasting, french toast, french onion soup or hamburger buns.







Our next cooking adventure was the Breakfast Frittata and Quiche. Everyone learned a little prep ahead made cooking easier and leftovers are a fast, healthy breakfast “on the go.”

Breakfast Frittata

We all know MEN make great chefs, and this man was no exception!

Veggie Frittata

This man was a great supervisor ensuring quality control.












almond flour pancakes

Making Almond flour pancakes

healthy cooking class quiche with almond flour

Almond flour crusts require a different technique than with traditional wheat flour.

Information regarding local stores, markets and food coops were shared as shopping options.

Healthy cooking ingredients

It was fun learning about numerous healthy cooking ingredients and getting to sample first hand many of these items.

IMG_1386IMG_1338 One thing became quite obvious. Men were as interested as women in learning about healthy shopping, cooking and eating. Well maybe just the cooking and eating. I think shopping is still best left to the professionals, us women!




No class is complete without the reviews. To receive honest feedback, I asked participants for their anonymous comments.

“Great evening-Learned a lot-loved it. Great job”

“Great information! Like the format- having someone help make the recipe and getting to taste is so helpful. Loved it”

“Wonderful concept. Would love coming to the Italian, Mexican, or Condiment Class.”

“Good info. Possible not make as many items to stay within the time limit. Good recipes. Thanks for your time!”

“I loved the granola and bars the best. Your home presentation was tremendous. Very organized with handouts and everything. Thanks!”

Food was very tasty. Definitely would come back. Mexican idea sounds great. There was a lot of information to absorb for one night.”

Very good. Can we share contact info? Yes I will comeback. Italian”

“Excellent job”

“Very nice! Thank you so much! Loved everything you fixed.”


The first class of Healthy Shop, Cook and Eat Way was a smashing success!

Mission accomplished!


The Healthy Shop, Cook and Eat Way is returning next month!

 more details to follow…..







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