Pizza-Zoddles and Elephant Trunks

If you missed the last Healthy Cooking Class-Incredibly Improved Italian, Class Members said “THIS WAS THE BEST ONE YET!!! The only problem was, that some members ate dinner before coming and that was a MISTAKE!

Sampling Grain Free, Gluten Free, and some Dairy Free: Pizzas, Lasagne, Garlic Bread, Pesto, Mozzarella Sticks with sauce, Pasta, Fruit Pizza

Sampling Grain Free, Gluten Free, and some Dairy Free: Pizzas, Lasagne, Garlic Bread, Pesto, Mozzarella Sticks with sauce, Pasta, Fruit Pizza

We sampled three different kinds of Pizza, Cheesy Garlic Bread with Pesto, Fried Mozzarella Sticks, Lasagne, Alfredo with Zucchini Noodles, Zucchini Pasta Pesto and Fruit Pizza.

A perfect Almond Flour Pizza Crust

A perfect Almond Flour Pizza Crust


3 more  Examples of the Almond Flour Pizza Crust

3 more Examples of the Almond Flour Pizza Crust


Teamwork on making Zucchini Pizza Crust

Teamwork on making Zucchini Pizza Crust

Zucchini has amazing talents of versatility. It can make a crust, noodles, spaghetti or pasta. All with lots of nutrients and very few calories!

Zucchini Pizza Crust goes Dairy Free

Zucchini Pizza Crust goes Dairy Free










Men at Work Grain Free, Gluten Free,Double Cheese Pizza Crust

Men at Work: Making Grain Free, Gluten Free,Double Cheese Pizza

Women attending to the details:Forming a Gluten Free Double Cheese Pizza Crust

Women attending to the details:Forming a Gluten Free Double Cheese Pizza Crust


Adding Healthy Toppings to our Healthy Pizzas

Adding Healthy Toppings to our Healthy Pizzas

Healthy Cooking Class adding Pizza Toppings

It was fun to see how everyone’s pizza looked unique.

After baking our crusts, we are ready to add the topping. While some of the pizzas were baking, we sampled Mozzarella Cheese Sticks with homemade Pizza Sauce. We even sampled some homemade “Dairy Free Cheese Sticks”.

Sampling a Healthy Cooking Class Pizza

Sampling a Healthy Cooking Class Pizza

Sampling Dairy Free Cheese

Sampling Dairy Free Cheese

Sampling Zucchini Lasagne

Sampling Zucchini Lasagne

Class members were given recipes with ONE basic Tomato Sauce and One basic Pizza Sauce. From there, a multitude of entrees or dishes were created. I believe in cooking simple with lots of easy options. We did not have time to sample Chicken Parmesan or Eggplant Parmesan, but hopefully the members will be attempting those at home soon.




Demo Zucchini Noodles

Demo Zucchini Noodles

Sampling Zucchini Pasta

Sampling Zucchini Pasta

Zucchini Pasta

Zucchini Pasta


Healthy Eating is FUN

Healthy Eating is FUN and sometimes brings out the “Child” in us!



Sampling Dairy Free and Grain Free Fruit Pizzas

Sampling Dairy Free and Grain Free Fruit Pizzas

Some of the members thought this fruit pizza make with Coconut Flour tasted better that the traditional sugar cookie crust. What a Great thing, because I can guarantee, this crust is a whole lot healthier!

Grain Free Fruit Pizza

Grain Free Fruit Pizza







If you missed this night of Incredibly Improved Italian,  I invite you to come to our next Healthy Cooking Class. There are held on the 4th Tuesday of the month. Email me if you would like more information. I thank all of my great friends and Healthy Cooks for making this a spectacular evening!

If you want to see the video clip of making the Zucchini “Zoodles” which produced the

“Elephant Trunk”, check out my You Tube:




Vanna and the Chef tasting the Healthy Class projects

Vanna and I FINALLY got to taste some really good Healthy Cooking Class projects.

Behind the scenes is the most important Chef- "VANNA"

Behind the scenes is the most important Chef- “VANNA”

Mexican Makeovers


This was our menu for Mexican Makeovers which turned out to be a real “fiesta”. We started out class learning WHY we need to make healthier substitutions for traditional Mexican dishes or the ingredients used in those dishes. Then, everyone got hands-on experience learning HOW to  make three different types of healthy tortillas and some chips.

We are each going to make one of these cute, tasty taco shells.

We are each going to make one of these cute, tasty taco shells.

Making Healthy Dorito Chips!

Making Healthy Dorito Chips!

Busy taco makers

Busy taco makers









A happy healthy tortilla maker, ready to bake

A happy healthy tortilla maker, ready to bake

Farmer by day, tortilla maker by night!

Farmer by day, tortilla maker by night!

Healthy cooking seems to make people smile!

Roy surprised us me with his own healthy creation which I named "Roy's Tamales"

Roy surprised me with his own healthy creation -“Roy’s Tamales”

Our Healthy Cooking Classes teach the basics. From there, class participants use their own creativity and imagination.  Roy adapted his own favorite recipe into a healthier version- “Roy Tamales”.                 Way to go Roy!

There is a big learning curve in tortilla making.

There is a big learning curve in tortilla making.

Cooking Coconut tortillas to use as wraps.

Cooking Coconut tortillas to use as wraps.


I can’t say we had a 100 % success in making tacos. But the good news is that even if they broke in half, they still made great, tasty dippers for sampling Queso and Guacamole. By the way, the Bean-Less Refried Beans seemed to be one of the favorite dishes. Everyone, myself included could not believe they were made with NO BEANS!

Healthy Taco Shells can be tricky to make, but it is POSSIBLE!!

Healthy Taco Shells can be tricky to make, but it is POSSIBLE!

DESSERT- Chocolate Balls

DESSERT- Chocolate Balls

The end to a good meal were our healthy Chocolate Balls, made with raw ingredients. Did you know that 1/3 of your daily diet should be raw, uncooked foods?

We concluded our evening with the Mexican Hat Dance, Pinatas and lots of Hispanic music. Well, many no dancing and pinatas but we did have the music. OLE’

If you missed Mexican night, you can still sign up for Italian night, Feb 24th.

Email me for all the details:

Hasta Luego Mi Amigos.

Thanksgiving Tweaks Turns out Tremendous

Healthy Chefs tackle the challenge of tweaking the average 4500 calorie Thanksgiving Feast.


Healthy Chefs making festive holiday shakes: Pumpkin and Cranberry. Notice the color coordinated apron or shirt.

Healthy Chefs making festive Pumpkin and Cranberry Holiday Shakes. Notice the color coordinated apron or shirt.


We learned that adding raw spinach to the shake is an easy way to increase our daily intake of greens. Surprise, the taste is negligible.

We learned that adding raw spinach to the shake is an easy way to increase our daily intake of greens. Surprisely, the taste is negligible.











While Pumpkin Porridge got mixed reviews, it was an optional healthy holiday breakfast.

While Pumpkin Porridge got mixed reviews, it is an optional healthy holiday breakfast.

After eating breakfast, we learned that the average person can easily consume 4500 calories on Thanksgiving! As you can see, the actual feast may only be around 2500 calories:Healthy Cooking Class Education

6 oz. of turkey, with skin: 299 calories
sausage stuffing: 310 calories
dinner roll and butter: 310 calories
sweet potato casserole: 300 calories
mashed potatoes and gravy: 140 calories
green-bean casserole: 110 calories
cranberry sauce: 15 caloriesHealthy Cooking Class
brussel sprouts: 83 calories
pumpkin pie: 316 calories
pecan pie: 503 calories
whipped cream: 100 calories

total: 2,486 calories

……but let’s not forget all those fancy hors d’oeuveres and cocktails before the feast. To end the holiday, someone always pulls out the leftovers, and we convince ourselves we need a bedtime snack.  So yes, I probably agree with the statistics that 4500 calories are normally consumed on Thanksgiving Day.


The goal of “Thanksgiving Tweaks ” was to learn how to replace, substitute or adjust our normal Thanksgiving menu with healthier options. 16 Healthy Chefs attended the evening class full of education, fun and lots of eating. Here are a few highlights from our creative cooking.

The Turkey is done, bring on the side dishes!

Holiday Healthy CookingQuinoa and Kale are two “super foods” with great health benefits.

Massaging the Kale helps to break down the fibers, making it easier to eat raw.

Massaging the Kale helps to break down the fibers, making it easier to eat raw.

This Healthy Chef is enjoying her job of making a healthy salad.

This Healthy Chef is enjoying her job making a Quinoa-Kale Salad.

Holiday Cooking involves teamwork.

Holiday Cooking involves teamwork.











This repeat Healthy Chef was chosen for the most involved side dish- Quinoa Dressing. He has proven skills for multitasking.

This Healthy Chef demonstrated  skills for multitasking in the first Healthy Cooking Class.  The most involved side dish- Quinoa Dressing needed such talent.

His finished dish is ready to be sampled. We all were a little surprised by the amount of sage he used, but all agreed it was PERFECT!

His finished dish is ready to be sampled. We all were a little surprised by the amount of sage he used, but all agreed it was PERFECT!













What would be a turkey dinner without the cranberry sauce. This sugar free version works for dinner or the breakfast shake!

What would a turkey dinner be without the Cranberry Sauce? This sugar free version works for dinner or the breakfast shake!

Yum, Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins and Cranberry Walnut Bread

Yum, Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins and Cranberry Walnut Bread

Your choice of Potatoes:  Creamy Mashed or Sweet

This Healthy Chef was pleasantly surprised how great the Cauliflower Potatoes  tasted!!

This Healthy Chef was pleasantly surprised how great the Cauliflower Potatoes tasted!!

Sometimes you can't follow a recipe, you just have to do a lot of taste testing.

Sometimes you can’t follow a recipe, you just have to do a lot of taste testing.



Sampling might just be the very best part of the Healthy Cooking Class.

Sampling Healthy Cooking Class Healthy Cooking Class Samplessample healthy cooking


Last, but not least: Dairy Free Pumpkin Pie and Whipped Cream

We all learned the secret to using coconut milk for whipped cream.

We all learned the secret to using coconut milk for a Dairy Free Whipped Cream.

Dairy Free Pumpkin Pie is a great option for those lactose intolerant.

Dairy Free Pumpkin Pie is a great option for those lactose intolerant.














Class ended with the knowledge, we have numerous GRAIN FREE and SUGAR FREE  options. Tweaking Thanksgiving is just the start!




To be part of our next Healthy Cooking Classes contact:

Weight Loss – A Common Sense Approach –  Jan. 6, 2015

Mexican Makeover Ole’ – Jan. 20, 2015


Protect yourself – Buy a skillet


If you think I have been gone, you are sort of right. I have been on a one year journey of scientific research, education and personal experimentation. But I am back and ready to share my new discoveries. I truly feel there are others like myself, interested in improving individual health and weight goals using natural, whole foods.  But, what if I am wrong? What if everyone just wants a fast fix? What if everyone has lost hope in getting healthy?

My passion to create and maintain a healthy body and mind in a natural way is so strong. My mission to help others is even stronger. I am finally being successful eating totally “real food”, knowing where to shop for the best prices and quality. I am achieving success with cooking in a new way, never being hungry, losing a little weight and feeling great!  I just have to find a way to share this information! How can I help others protect themselves against so many diseases?

I can offer cooking classes.

I do not want the class to be:

  • focused on quick weight loss, even though you may lose excess weight.
  • overloading a person with a bunch of scientific data.
  • selling products, supplements or books.
  • just giving out a bunch of recipes.

I want the class to provide:

  • Learning how to shop, cook, and eat products with healthy ingredients.
  • Education on ways to create good health though natural and organic foods.
  • Recommendations for selecting and successful use of healthy products and cooking ingredients.
  • Educational handouts, cooking demonstrations, fun hands-on experiences, sampling of healthy foods and products.

    “The Healthy Shop, Cook and Eat Way”  is born.

14 future healthy chefs attended the first class titled “Breakfast of Champions”.


A smart man can not disagree with two women!

You should have seen the surprise on this chefs face when asked to add a handful of spinach to the strawberry smoothie he was making.


This brave man enjoyed every drop of his healthy smoothie.

Class participates discovered that adding spinach which has a non detectable taste, is a great way to work in some greens!



Almond flour

These future healthy chefs were learning the difference between almond flour and almond meal?

Almond flour buns

Speaking of buns, I am wondering, how many chefs does it take to check a bun in the oven?

Do you miss having bread on a gluten free diet? I sure did and all of the recipes I had tried in the past were dry, crumbly or heavy. Finally I came up with a success. One that is light but sturdy enough for sandwiches, toasting, french toast, french onion soup or hamburger buns.







Our next cooking adventure was the Breakfast Frittata and Quiche. Everyone learned a little prep ahead made cooking easier and leftovers are a fast, healthy breakfast “on the go.”

Breakfast Frittata

We all know MEN make great chefs, and this man was no exception!

Veggie Frittata

This man was a great supervisor ensuring quality control.












almond flour pancakes

Making Almond flour pancakes

healthy cooking class quiche with almond flour

Almond flour crusts require a different technique than with traditional wheat flour.

Information regarding local stores, markets and food coops were shared as shopping options.

Healthy cooking ingredients

It was fun learning about numerous healthy cooking ingredients and getting to sample first hand many of these items.

IMG_1386IMG_1338 One thing became quite obvious. Men were as interested as women in learning about healthy shopping, cooking and eating. Well maybe just the cooking and eating. I think shopping is still best left to the professionals, us women!




No class is complete without the reviews. To receive honest feedback, I asked participants for their anonymous comments.

“Great evening-Learned a lot-loved it. Great job”

“Great information! Like the format- having someone help make the recipe and getting to taste is so helpful. Loved it”

“Wonderful concept. Would love coming to the Italian, Mexican, or Condiment Class.”

“Good info. Possible not make as many items to stay within the time limit. Good recipes. Thanks for your time!”

“I loved the granola and bars the best. Your home presentation was tremendous. Very organized with handouts and everything. Thanks!”

Food was very tasty. Definitely would come back. Mexican idea sounds great. There was a lot of information to absorb for one night.”

Very good. Can we share contact info? Yes I will comeback. Italian”

“Excellent job”

“Very nice! Thank you so much! Loved everything you fixed.”


The first class of Healthy Shop, Cook and Eat Way was a smashing success!

Mission accomplished!


The Healthy Shop, Cook and Eat Way is returning next month!

 more details to follow…..







Leading Cause of Death

Are you a victim of medical ignorance? A great misconception is how people die. If I asked what is the leading cause of death, how would you answer? Do you believe it is heart disease, cancer, stroke or diabetes? No, these diseases are not the leading cause of death! Instead, the number one cause of death in the US and worldwide is medical ignorance! This fact is demonstrated when we look at the ignorance in developing countries.


In parts of Africa, for example, AIDS is not considered to be a viral disease.1 They believe one contracts AIDS by “thinking” they may contract AIDS. Many of them engage in dangerous sex practice and intentionally pretend there is no such thing as HIV-AIDS. As a result, the spread of HIV infection is at epidemic proportions in Africa. 2,3

New viral diseases keep originating in China due to bad sanitary conditions. Some rural Chinese farmers live under the same roof as their livestock. Many apartments constructed during the communist regime have improperly installed plumbing. Toilets from some upstairs tenants end up in the lower tenants kitchen sinks. More that 1.8 million humans die annually from water-borne bacterial diarrhea including cholera.4 The cholera bacterium is not the enemy. Ignorance about the dangers of drinking contaminated water is the preventable culprit. 4,5,6


ostrch manindexMedical ignorance also effects the Western World in spite of our “modern advances and resources”. For example, if someone dies from cardiovascular disease caused by high blood pressure, the cause of death is NOT heart disease or hypertension. The cause is medical ignorance regarding the importance of low blood pressure. This knowledge is revealed when we study centenarians. One common characteristics of the oldest and healthiest people in the world is their low blood pressure. The New England Centenarian Study  revealed systolic blood pressures no higher than 110 and diastolic pressures lower than 80. What is your daily blood pressure, with or without medication? The lack of knowledge or medical ignorance regarding low blood pressure is no different than the ignorance of HIV, Aids or drinking contaminated water. We must take personal responsibility for our health.


I can’t think of anything more important than health, can you?  In fact, OUR LIFE depends on it! Poor health effects our work, play, family and entire existence on this wonderful earth.  Your personal physician plays a role in overall health, but ultimately, your knowledge and actions make the biggest impact. It is my goal to take full responsibility for my personal health and to help anyone who desires to do the same. I invite you to sign up for my Coaching Newsletter.  The weekly newsletter discusses ways we can achieve better health and details regarding the group of oldest and healthiest people in the world. You also will receive my eBook, Mastering the Skills, Actions and Concepts to Living Beyond 80







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Hello mice. Good bye insulin

I am absolutely truly amazed to witness the healing powers of food. It is one thing to read about the facts of good nutrition.  When you physically observe transformations right before your eyes, it resonates deep in your soul.  That is exactly what has happened to me this month. I shared on May 3 rd the tragic diagnosis of diabetes in my cat, Chuck. This terrible disease was cause by my ignorance on proper nutrition for my devoted barn partner and keeper of the mice. Well, the only thing he was keeping now was just an eye on watching them. He had no energy to hunt, let alone pounce on a mouse within 5 feet. I had been feeding cheap, dry cat food which is the equivalent to cheap processed foods like chips, frozen pizzas, candy bars, pop, donuts, granola bars, breakfast cereals,etc, ………….you get the picture. Like so many individuals, I did not notice the damage that was slowly being caused, until one day, the cumulative effects smashed me in the face. My poor cat could hardly move around, weight loss was now apparent after losing the winter coat and he was glued to his water bowl.

Unfortunately the disease had progressed to the point I had to start insulin injections twice day. Talk about a hassle! I switched him to canned cat food which is higher in protein and meets the feline nutritional needs. So for the entire month, I have completely changed his program. Just like disease which can destroy us over time, improving health can sometimes be slow; or so I thought. Last week I went down to the barn to feed and inject Chuck. He was no where to be found. He had not left the barn in many months, so you can understand my concern. I called and called. I looked in all the nooks and crannies, Sheepishly I looked under things,behind equipment and in the rafters expecting to find a dead body. You can imagine my surprise when I saw Chuck come “running” into the barn like a cheetah celebrating his productive hunt. cheetahimagesMy mouse hunting cat was BACK! The best news yet is that my vet thinks his pancreas will start functioning again properly. If so,  the insulin injections will be a thing of the past.

Hello mice, good bye insulin.

The moral of this story is simple.

  • Disease can creep on slowly without you noticing until it knocks you off your feet.
  • Creating health or reversing the damage can be quick if you don’t wait too long.

The body is a remarkable and resilient entity. We were created to be healthy. We just need to do our part to keep the body functioning the way it was designed.

Diabetes prevented by eating mice!

cat with mouse

I am writing this with great humility and will be asking for forgiveness.  So many times, I walk through the grocery store looking at a persons shopping cart and shake my head. I think to myself, how stupid and ridiculous it is spending money on worthless, toxic food items. Don’t they realize what they are doing to themselves? Don’t they realize they are changing how their body functions and causing their own diseases? Don’t they realize these simple weekly decisions can be life threatening long term?junk foordimages




Well after yesterday, I can honestly answer, no not always. Sometimes we shop, and innocently select items we think are healthy. On the other hand, we can talk ourselves into certain choices because they are “Cheaper”.  I am terribly embarrassed to admit the errors of my way. For those of you receiving my Premium Coaching, you have learned a great deal about me personally. Many of you are aware I live on a ranch in Kansas.  Living on a ranch, means we have horses. Horses require a barn. A barn require BARN CATS and I have two, Ritzy and Chuck. Chuck is the typical  ordinary, short haired, yellow barn cat but with a great personality. Chuck has served us well for many years with no health problems; that is until now. Almost overnight, I realized Chuck had dropped a lot of weight. He was lethargic, dull and hugging his water bowl constantly. It is good to have a friend who is also your vet because they will make house calls. So last night, she diagnosed Chuck as being severely diabetic. I am a Health Coach, I  run a healthy household. How can I have a “DIABETIC”?  After the shock of receiving the news, we discussed options. catEven though a “Barn Cat”, Chuck is a member of our family who has served us well. I agreed to treat his disease, which means a big commitment. Insulin injections twice a day while climbing to the top the barn rafters to make that happen. Chuck lives safely high above the reach of my two dogs.  Thinking about the injections does not seem like the worse part. Through all of this, I discovered I CAUSED THE DIABETES! For years I had been feeding Chuck the dry, cheaper but tasty cat food. I learned the dry food is filled with way too many CARBS. Tasty carbs, but lots of them.  Just like the pop in pizzas, processed foods, chips, donuts,etc, etc that I have been scrutinizing in the shopping carts of stupid people in the grocery store. I too was stupid. I guess to my defense, I was ignorant of the dangers.

I learned last night that a cat is an “obligate carnivore.” That means the physiology and anatomy of the cat is suited to eating a high protein, meat diet. Dry food just cannot meet this requirement. This is why cats eating mice in the wild probably do not develop diabetes. Did you know that there are only 30 kcal per mouse and it is mostly protein and water.  After becoming educated and aware of the hazards of feeding the wrong food, I am planning a whole new diet for Chuck. No, I am not planning to go catch mice. I am going shopping for  canned, low carb, high protein, quality cat food.

I can’t believe as a Health Coach I was so stupid about feeding my cat. Unfortunately I was like so many other people, continuing unhealthy choices until something bad happens. Prevention is so much better than dealing with the consequences of those choices. As I am doing insulin injections on poor Chuck, I will continue to think of ways I can help others be more proactive.  A diabetic cat might not be a mute problem for some, but becoming diabetic yourself or someone you love is always serious. Don’t be uneducated. Diabetes is preventable and curable!  Yes, once a diabetic, not always diabetic. I was a little surprised when my vet  told me with managed dietary control, Chuck might be able to stop insulin injections one day. Why should I have been surprised? This is exactly what I help clients do daily. I help empower them with knowledge to make changes so they too can become NON-TYPE  II DIABETICS. Helping them learn how to make long term healthy choices, diabetes can be prevented and cured.  I have personally helped many clients eliminate their diabetic meds or insulin.  I know it works for people, I will let you know how it works for and mourses

With humility,


Caution! You are about to enter the “No Doctor Zone”

cautionI am back to blogging but I will warn you up front, some of my news is not good. We are about to enter a new era of medical problems. No it is not a new disease, but our failure of ability to treat disease. Our “over – regulated” health care system is becoming so expensive, the average US citizen cannot afford it. The 900+ pages of the Affordable Care Act is not the answer. This Act is suppose to provide all Americans medical coverage. That is great, but we do not have enough doctors to treat these “newly insured” patients.

Have you noticed delays getting appointments with your doctor? Or have you experienced the long waits and then the short visits once the doctor gets into the room. Doctors themselves are voicing their concerns. They lack time to provide optimal care. This inability to devote enough time with the patient, A.K.A.- YOU will result in greater numbers of tragic outcomes. Many patients report having to drive long distances only to wait longer and longer to see a doctor. Emergency rooms are overused.

Predictions: by the Association of American Medical Colleges

  • The Affordable Care Act will extend coverage to 3o million  Americans in 2014.
  • By 2015 the U.S. will have 62,900 fewer doctors than we need.
  • By 2025 the U.S. will have 100,000 fewer doctors than we need.


  • 50% of Primary Care doctors have stopped accepting new Medicaid patients. (This means those entitled to free health care may not find a willing doctor.)
  • 45.8% of physicians suffer a symptom of burnout.
  • High tuition costs and stringent academic requirements discourage new students to enter the medical field.

The health professionals involved in preventative medicine realized long ago that poor lifestyle choices and an aging population would create shortages of all kinds of medical services. The Affordable Care Act only accelerates this health crisis.

So that is the bad news. Now for some good news.

  • You can take individual responsibility for your health.
  • You can be proactive.
  • You do not have to wait and be a victim doomed for an early death.

Many people suffer with reversible and preventable diseases. For example, let’s look at hypertension. If your blood pressure is not in an optimal range, you have a higher risk of suffering a stroke, heart attack or kidney failure. A blood pressure reading above 115/75 can be a cause for concern. Most doctors today don’t even treat a patients elevated blood pressure until it reaches 140/90 which is a danger level. Elevated cholesterol levels especially elevated LDL is one of the causes of atherosclerosis. Fasting glucose levels over 85mg/dL has been shown to increase the rate of heart attacks by 40%.  Type II diabetes has reached epidemic proportion. Children as young as age ten are being diagnosed with this debilitating disease, which can be prevented. It has been predicted the life expectancy of this generation of children to be less than their parents. This is a first!

Something must change and that something can be YOU. If you suffer with type II diabetes, hypertension, elevated cholesterol, sleep apnea, acid reflux, asthma, migraines, arthritis or gout, you can improve or totally eliminate these diseases. Yes, it is possible. The best way to avoid being a victim of this “No Doctor Zone” is to take aggressive care of your precious health each and every day. Getting to a healthy weight is the first step, then learning ways to insure you stay healthy. This insurance comes from educating yourself on healthy food choices, healthy habits, essential supplements and a continued lifestyle change. Learn as much as you can about health. Seek accurate and  proven knowledge. Make a  vow not to be 100% reliant on that burned out, overworked and time pressed physician. Make that decision to take charge and empower yourself. As your health coach, I will support you in your efforts.

For a longer life,



Why I am addicted to sugar

Most people have some idea of what is not healthy. We are bombarded about the dangers of smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, fast foods, high fructose corn syrup, red meat, salt, saturated fats, inactivity, stress, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, etc, etc. So why do we keep doing it, consuming them or ignoring it? I believe it is because they won’t kill us. Not today! If you ate that big juicy steak, or quarter pounder and immediately suffered a near fatal heart attack, would you eat one again? If you ate that bag of chips, washed it down with a super sized coke, got up off the sofa 50 pounds heavier, would you run to the kitchen for more? I think anyone in their right mind would say NO. Habits of Disease don’t occur immediately. They compound overtime and go unnoticed until one day their effects hit us smack dab in the face. Many times it is when you have to go the Dr. and they insist on getting your weight. You watch in horror as the nurse balances the scales and writes that number down for the whole world to see. Or maybe it is after your insurance physical’s labwork which detects you have diabetes or elevated cholesterol. So much for the preferred rates that were quoted to you. (I personally have witnessed this for years, through my work as a paramedical examiner for Insurance companies.)

Part of the problem is not our fault. The food industry is not our friend. In the 1980’s sugar was replaced by high fructose corn syrup in Pepsi and Coke. Why? Because it cost much less. These companies could super size a 64oz pop for the same price as an 8oz. Great for us consumers, right? Wrong! Fact: Sugar is metabolized by any cell in our body. High fructose corn syrup can only be metabolized by the liver. Then it is turned into a triglyceride and laid down as FAT! Plus high fructose corn syrup is addictive. Your body will start to crave it. It messes up the bodies hormones that regulate our energy cycle and hunger. It prevents us from feeling full, so we continue to eat more and never feel satisfied.  This is why we can eat a whole bag of chips. Ever sit down and eat a whole bag of apples?


So you may not be sick now but are you healthy? Non sick is like being in purgatory. A path of simply surviving, not thriving. A path that is leading you toward dependence on medications to relieve symptoms. Non sick leads to life-threatening illness over time. The bad news, 90% of us fall into that category of being non sick.




Solutions to the problem

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of human frame, in diet and in the cause of and prevention of disease. ”   Thomas Edison

  • Make a decision to change your path from habits of disease to creating habits of health
  • Implement a specific logical, doable and proven plan to guide you long term
  • Start with easy baby steps
  • Focus on creating health not trying to fix a problem
  • Learn how to build a healthy body, mind and long term habits of health


For more help in prevention of disease and creating health email me at:


EAT MORE— Lose Weight—Decrease Cholesterol

I like many America’s have  been carrying around those extra pounds for 30 years.  I attributed most to having babies and quitting to smoke.  My love of bread making might have had something to do with it also.  But surely my horse riding, ranch work, gardening and housework would have been enough exercise to keep things in check! I thought everything was ok because I was not on any medications.  Well that was soon to change.  After some routine labwork, I discovered my cholesterol level had shot up to a level my Doctor wanted to treat.   I knew the side effects of cholesterol meds and did not want to go that route.

Isn’t if amazing, how meeting that one person always happens at just the right time? I was working a health fair when I ran into an old friend.  Found out he was a Health Coach for this weight loss program.  I smiled politely and starting thinking, another weight loss program, isn’ t that nice.  Not wanting to be rude, I listened but kept looking for an excuse to go back to work.  My friend explained this program taught a new eating strategy.  One of the benefits was it lowered your  cholesterol level.  Even though he now had my attention, I am thinking, a lot of programs make all sort of medical claims. My personal  research and experience  in years of nursing was always the same.  As good as a program sounded, they ended up  hard to implent,  had  short term success, or were unsafe.  My friend sensing my sketisim suggested I talk to the Physician who was using this program in his practice.  So that is exactly what I did.  After listening to the Dr. I decided to give it a try. Well, are you ready for this……

I learned that eating six small meals a day drops your cholesterol level. A study from the University of Toronto found that after only two weeks, people who ate every three hourse reduced their blood cholesterol by over 15 percent.  Another studies showed that trigylcerides decrease 23.6% , LDL decreases 19.8% and total cholesterol 6.7% after 6 mo.

So what was my personal experience you may be wondering.  I dropped my cholesterol 45 points  and LDL 41 points (avoiding those cholesterol lowering meds with so many side effects).  I also lost 22 pounds in 8 weeks (30 years of baby fat) and have maintained these results for almost 2 years.  I am living proof that eating six small meals a day works for lowering elevated cholesterol levels and avoiding medication.  But I am not alone, wait until you hear some of my clients stories in my future blogs.