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My research on healthy cooking started out of sheer frustration. After losing  20 pounds on the Medifast program,  I struggled with maintaining my goal weight, energy level and affects of aging.  Eating, cooking and “life after a structure program” was not exactly easy. I like eating a variety of foods, I like to cook occasionally, but sometimes I just need “healthy fast food.” Over the years, I have also seen how hard my client’s work to lose weight and the joy they experience, only then to struggle maintaining their weight loss. For one year, I have been researching, studying and experimenting what it takes to maintain a goal weight, while continuing to improve health with natural, whole foods and supplements. The things I have learned have been overwhelming. Call me crazy, but I am so excited to continue this journey  and share it with others. The driving force behind my journey to healthy cooking is not just for personal satisfaction.  I also have a strong internal desire to help those who truly want to be healthy.

So Healthy Shopping, Cooking, and Eating was  launched!

The internet is bombarded with lots of “healthy” recipes and products.  So my goal is NOT to fill my website with more of the same. My goal is to share the WHAT, WHY , WHERE and HOW’S I have discovered in a very simple way.

WHAT are the ingredients or products I found that to be healthy choices?

WHY do I use them?

WHERE have I found a good quality and price on these items?

HOW do I use them?

Becoming more knowledgeable on these healthy basics, made me feel more confident on how to select a healthy recipe or make the appropriate alterations. This knowledge has enabled me to maintain my weight, improve my health and have fun. 

Learn more about Healthy Shopping, Cooking and Eating Classes                     or other services:

  • Group Classes for Healthy Shopping, Cooking and Eating: These are held at my home. (90 minutes) Future dates to be announced.
  • Online Personal Healthy Shopping, Cooking and Eating Classes: This class provides a private consult, access to an 8 week online education and personal feedback on what you are learning. If you are ready to make the transition from unhealthy cooking to healthy cooking, this class is for YOU! The class is also the perfect transition after a structured weight program using meal replacements.

Learning the secrets to Healthy  Cooking will allow you to control your weight and make improvements to your overall healthy status.


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