Weight Loss Success Stories

My name is Liz Klamm. I am 46 yrs old, 5’5” and I was consistently weighing between 200 and
209 pounds.  I started on the program August 29, 2011 and in 13 weeks I lost 50 lbs. This was five more pounds than my original goal.  The program has been so fun and easy, I have now changed my goal to loose more weight.  I enjoy the food and with my busy life style it is so easy to just grab my food for the day and not have to plan or worry about what I am going to eat. I no longer run to the fast food drive-through to get something quick to eat. Since I have lost the weight I have noticed a tremendous increase in my energy level, and I no longer feel the need to get unhealthy snacks from the vending machine. Our whole family is enjoying our lean and green meals, and my oldest son has lost 4lbs.

I attribute most of my success to my excellent health coach Linda Frazier, and to the fact that I was determined to do this for my own health and for my family.  It has been so easy not to cheat on the program because of the motivation I get when I step on the scale and watch 2-5 lbs drop off consistently each week. What is even more amazing, I did not have to change my daily activities. I am now buying clothes I had only dreamed of wearing before.  I went from a size 18 to a size 8. I am absolutely loving it. Next summer I am looking forward to hiking up Pikes Peak in Colorado with my son’s Boy Scout Troop.

The comments and compliments I have received have also been very rewarding.  Complements have ranged from, I almost did not recognize you, to a total stranger that over heard my conversation, say: “I would love to look like you, how did you do it?” My medical doctor asked me how I had lost 43lbs since my last visit. When I explained, he said that was good and I was doing it the nutritional way.

I am such a strong believer in this program I would recommend it to anyone needing to loose
weight or just feel better.  Once I reach my new goal, I intend to keep Medifast meal replacements on-hand for when I get in a hurry and for my 3 hr meals while at work.

Liz Klamm                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Hutchinson, Ks


My name is Randall Gray. At age 20 my triglycerides where over 1300, normal is under 200. After trial and error the doctor put me on several medicines that got my triglycerides around 300. My dad died at age 60, spending the last 7 years of his life in nursing homes. My cholesterol/triglycerides are hereditary. I have 4 older sisters, their stories mimic mine. So I made the choice when I turned 34 that I needed to make changes. I started exercising in October 2012 and got myself into a routine. I had lost some weight, but had hit a plateau. I did some research on the internet myself and found a program I felt this would be a good fit for me. In the end of December 2012 I called Linda Frazier, my  health coach, and she came over and walked me through the steps of the plan. I started in January 2013 started losing weight again and feeling better. I had my routine Doctor visit late February. Dr likes to check over my numbers every 6 months. I felt pretty good about the weight loss I had accomplished since my last appointment.  I had my blood drawn, pressure checked and then the doctor came in to give me the results. We were both shocked to see how extremely low they ALL were. For the first time in my adult life my numbers were either normal or below normal, Triglycerides coming in at 111. As a result, the Doctor took me off one of my pills and said if my numbers continue to drop I could be taken off more. I spent the afternoon calling my family members and Linda to tell them my good news. I feel as though I might not have the same fate as my father. Looking forward to my next Doctor’s appointment to see if my numbers remain the same or even go lower. Thank You Linda


I started on the program because I watched how fast my sister has lost her weight. I really wanted to loose weight because we had just bought a house with a basement. Every time I climbed the basement stairs I was out of breath.

Being on the program was absolutely the easiest time that I ever had trying to loose weight. And I have tried several different ways. I have also watched the weight literally fall off of many others around me.
I liked most of the food but a few items I didn’t like as much. After a while, I started liking more of it. I found out that it is not very good to exercise too much during to “fat burning” phase. I lost more weight not exercising plus didn’t really have the energy to do much anyway.

I also found out that the more water I drank the more weight I lost. It is real important to drink
all of the water that they suggest.
After 3 months of “faithfully” being on the program I lost 25 pounds and lost fat in places that I have never lost fat before. I am now on “maintenance” and doing great and feeling the best the I have ever felt. I do aerobics three times a week and do strength training twice a week. I have
not gained any of the weight back and do not plan to. I feel so proud of my new weight. I walk around with my head up high. And now, not only can I walk up the basement stairs and not be winded, I can also carry my granddaughter up the stairs and not be out of breath at all.

I think the program is the greatest!

Kathy Smith
Hutchinson, Ks


I started somewhere between 205 – 200 with a goal of 185.  I ended up at 175 and maintaining at 180 -185 very comfortably.  Pants went from size 36 to size 32 or 34.  Because of my busy schedule and the great taste, I still use the meal replacements.

Matt Frazier                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Navare, Florida


The Journey to Slim- a work in progress

4/30/11 I started a plan to get slim at Doctor’s insistence. I just came out of the hospital, I was weak, tired and knew something needed to be done. My doctor was pushing.  Linda Frazier came to my door with a plan. I was pretty skeptical at the start. I had dropped a few pounds on my own but they were all back. I was full of fluid. I made a commitment to try the program. i remember saying if I did not lose 25 pounds in the first month, I would quit. I left the hospital at 335 pounds. After the first month was over, I had lost 38 pounds.

I am hooked. I eat 5 planned meal replacements, approved snacks and one lean and green meal. I have learned to incorporate exercise. I have more energy. I enjoy life. I have my hobby of making jewelry, playing cards and getting out occasionally. I am off all diabetic medications. I check my blood sugars weekly and stay between 80-100 on the meter. I have lost 78 pounds so far and have 57 pounds more to go.

I would recommend the program to anyone. The coach works with your own physician, who will monitor your medications and make changes as needed. I have gone from a 58″ waist to a 50-52″. If I can do it, anyone who is willing can do it also.

John Arpad


March 1, 2003 started my New Year’s Resolution.” I figured this is when everyone else has given up,  so I will start mine.  My goal was to look and feel better my May 25th, my niece’s wedding. I began to eat better and exercise. Then I met Linda and what perfect timing! I bought proper food, food scale and a a cheap scale (not digital) to weigh myself. March 14 I received my food and March 15 I began my journey.

Now I have tried other diets, but never invested in products. Since I didn’t keep the weight off the other times, I had my doubts, but I was going to do this by the book and lose weight by May 25. I need a goal in order for me to stick to the plan.

I didn’t take before pictures (gross) and measurements because in the back of my mind this wasn’t going to work. I had always blamed my weight gain or not able to lose to my medications. Day 1 wasn’t too bad, Day 2 felt pretty bad and tired, Day 3 was as bad as Day 2. Finally Day 4 I was starting to feel better.

First week I lost 4 pounds! Awesome! Now I was motivated to keep the ball rolling. Second week I lost NOTHING! Are you kidding me? I have done nothing but follow this system by the book! Huge discouragement!! Emailed Linda and she boosted be back up. Third week I lost another 4 pounds! Good…….keep going!

My clothes were not fitting! I was feeling good and people were noticing!. I lost 18 pounds by my niece’s wedding. I wore a small dress size!!

Since it was difficult to tell how much weight I was losing each week on the cheap scales, I bought a digital scale. My new scale weighed me six pounds heavier! ROAD BLOCK! I felt awful. I thought I had gotten below 130 and now see 135.6. Noooooo! Another email to Linda for help, which she explained that I still have lost the same amount of weight, I just need to adjust to the new number. Ok fine, I can do this!!

I had gone to my doctor for my yearly check up and they weighted me in at 138. I was confused, but once I got my new scale that explained the big differences as well. My good news at the the doctor was that he was impressed that I lowered my cholesterol by 90 points! He wanted to know what I had been doing. Last year I was in the red and this year way below. How many of us walk away from the doctor’s office feeling good?

My new goal was July 3, my wedding anniversary. I want to look good for our vacation.

August 23, I DID IT!!!! I am standing now at 129.6 pounds.

Tina,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Inman, KS.


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