The Healthy Shop, Cook and Eat Way

My Personal Goal is to maintain a healthy body and mind that will carry me to age 101 and enjoy the journey.

What are your goals?

Once you have answered this question, we are ready to get to work.

To be successful in any goal, I have discovered we all must have the correct SKILLS, apply the correct ACTIONS and have the correct CONCEPTS. Think about the last time you failed to reach one of your goals. It probably was because your failure fell into one of the three areas:

1. Skills- lacking the skill necessary to accomplish the task.

2. Actions- having the proper skill or knowledge, but not taking the right action toward the goal.

3.Concept- having an inaccurate, false or non-productive concepts regarding the mission.

For example, my passion was to compete in cowboy mounted shooting. To be successful, I  found that I needed to learn new skills in shooting and  riding.  These new training techniques did no good sitting in my house and thinking about them. I had to climb on mIMG_1047y horse and put this knowledge into action.  Now, I might have learned to ride and shoot but had the concept I am too old to compete. My concepts alone could have held me back from meeting my goals. Instead, I learned a new sport, competed and won my division in 2014!

The Healthy Shopping, Cooking, and Eating Way, revolves around these principles. I will share sound, scientific knowledge on the SKILLS, ACTIONS and CONCEPTS necessary for being successful in reaching your health goals and maintaining  optimal health long-term.

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My classes teach how to use natural and whole foods to improve health, correct or prevent diseases and optimize wellness. This is in stark contrast to traditional western medicine which uses drugs to treat the symptoms of diseases instead of addressing the underlying causes.

  • These classes are not a quick fix, but teach life long skills. Therefore, there is a learning curve involved. You must be willing to learn some new skills, take some different actions and adopt new concepts.
  • The principles on which I teach are based on the most current sound and scientific information available. I follow recommendations from respected Medical Doctors, Naturopathic Doctors and PhD Nutritionists in the field of holistic and nontoxic approaches to therapy.
  • The Healthy Shopping: Recommendations are given for new places and ways to shop. Grocery stores are normally at the bottom of the list.
  • The Healthy Cooking: Specific instructions are provided on how to do a kitchen makeover and get it ready for your new healthy cooking lifestyle. New cooking skills with healthy ingredients are taught in several different ways: group classes, private classes, online via internet.
  • The Healthy Eating: New eating strategies are explored to meet individual health goals. One size does not fit all.
  • My program does NOT sell products, supplements or books. All of my recommendations come with a pure incentive. I want to offer honest advice in helping you as a individual achieve your goals.
  • The Healthy Shopping, Cooking and Eating Way provides a basic foundation upon which a person can continue to build their personal program of optimal health.

healthy cookingimagesServices Available:


  • Group Classes for Healthy Shopping, Cooking and Eating: These are held at my home. (90 minutes) Future dates to be announced.
  • Online Personal Healthy Shopping, Cooking and Eating Classes: This class provides a private consult, access to an 8 week online education and personal feedback on what you are learning. If you are ready to make the transition from an unhealthy lifestyle to a healthier lifestyle,  this class is for YOU! The class is also the perfect transition after a structured weight program using meal replacements.



To get started or find out more, contact:

Linda Frazier R.N. 620-727-7338


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