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Developing a support system is critical to your success of creating health. Learning how to balance healthy eating, healthy sleep and healthy physical activity can be overwhelming at first.  Creating your support system will be the most important aspect of maintaining and managing these three important areas. Successful people do simple things that are easy to do.  Here’s the problem, these things are also easy not to do. For example, it is easy to walk 30 minutes everyday. It is just as easy to stay sitting on your sofa. A support system will help to keep you accountable.

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Building your support system

Modeling -The people that we admire as role models and our closet friends all have a profound effect in our lives. We have tendencies to be like those with which we associate. Researchers studied 12,000 subjects and determined conclusively that people who associate with overweight people become obese themselves.* Studies also show that by associating with healthy, thin people you’re more likely to develop those qualities in return. So if you have some unhealthy friends, you have an opportunity to help them change habits. Better than changing friends!

Formal Education – Group settings can offer great discussions and learning. Unfortunately, the drop out rate is high. One on one phone calls, emails and face to face contact can also be an added benefit if you choose to join a group. Online education can be highly interactive, convenient and effective. Dr. Jean Harvey-Bernio, has concluded that a Web site with dynamic, socially supportive, interactive feature is just as effective as behavioral counseling. (Beats laying on a sofa spelling your deepest darkest secrets) * Subscribe to my weekly Coaching Newsletter and receive my free eBook which is an educational series with a very fun twist. This is not the boring Health or Nutrition Class you took in school.


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 Personal Health Coach-It is hard to stick with something if you think you are on your own. Just like having a personal trainer at the gym, a health coach can guide you in developing skills, discipline and knowledge in creating health. A trusted, experienced and caring consultant can provide support while you are learning new habits of health. Some health consultants charge for their services or some are free like me. My nursing career has led me to health coaching with a mission to help others.

success on computerimagesStudies show that 85% of people that go on a diet will put their weight back on and more within two years. On the flip side, studies indicate an extremely high success rate for reaching and maintaining weight loss goals, if involved with a support system and coach.

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*Christakis,N.A.,et al., “The Spread of Obesity in a Large Social Network over 32 Years,” New England Journal of Medicine 357 (July 26.2007) 370-379.

*Micco,N., et al., “Minimal In-Person Support as an Adjunct to Internet Obesity Treatment,” Annals of Behavioral Medicine 33 (1):49-56

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