Weight Loss

Losing weight and learning how to maintain a healthy body is just like learning anything in life. For example, we all went to grade school and then most of us went to high school. After graduation, many of us went off to college or another form of higher education. Some went straight to on the job training, to learn more advanced skills. The next step was to practice these new  skills as an apprentice with the supervision of a teacher. Finally when we mastered the basics we were off on our own. But as you know, learning is an ongoing process. So we either find ourselves taking continuing education classes or learning new things on our own. Even those who chose parenthood had on the job training which involves a continual learning process. Wherever your path has taken you, I feel safe to say, none of us are the same as we were at age 18.


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With this analogy in mind, think of me as your teacher. In the grade school setting, you will learn how to move from:

  1. unhealthy, processed foods to healthy processed foods.
  2. unhealthy fast food to healthy fast food.

After graduation, aka.weight loss, you are now an apprentice. You will learn how to move from:

  1. healthy processed foods to healthy unprocessed or natural, whole foods.
  2. healthy fast food to healthy homemade fast food.

The final step is wide open………….. You will now have the knowledge to take your health education as far you choose.  You have the knowledge to help your spouse, children, parents, neighbors and friends. You are now the teacher!

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